Paul Merchant

Time is what keeps everything from happening all at once.

Toilet Paper Manifesto 09

 Aug 18, 2021    Fiction

In December of 2008, on the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, intellectuals and dissidents …

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 May 18, 2019    Poetry

In the heart of Nunavut (not to be confused with Nunavik) west of Iqaluit and to the east there is nothing but snow. No …

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Dream Catchers

 Feb 25, 2019    Poetry

The dream catchers hanging above your bed; the dust of umbilical cords shrouded in deerskin pouches at the bottom of …

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Luís Cuadrado, Cinematographer

 Jan 23, 2019    Poetry

Do they know I am going blind, that I will not live without sky, amber sun, or a crucifix flickering above a beeswax …

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Upside Down

 Jan 22, 2019    Poetry

are upside down? on windows in raindrops the trees Have you noticed About 2005.

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An Unexpected Guest

 Jan 18, 2019    Poetry

in the margin between awake and asleep autumn leaves suspend, horizontal in the air above my bed the odor of wet dirt …

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Dear Mary

 Jan 12, 2019    Fiction

I am writing this letter by the dim glow of my old Boy Scout flashlight. I hope you can read my handwriting. It is …

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Inspired by the Kokinshu

 Jan 1, 2019    Poetry

I. now that your dreams can climb the trees that grow on mountain peaks they will embrace this wind like waves of …

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Ring Out, Wild Bells

 Jan 1, 2019    Thoughts

I’m happy that one of the church congregations I met with on Sunday sang Tennyson’s “Ring Out, Wild …

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