Two Songs Named Whitney

These two songs were written for my niece Whitney while working on a soundtrack for a video game. I used the open source software LMMS. whitney01-LANDR.mp3 whitney02a-LANDR.mp3 (2016)


In the heart of Nunavut (not to be confused with Nunavik) west of Iqaluit and to the east there is nothing but snow. No one speaks French or Inuktitut when the Nunavummiut watch soap operas in Arviat but in the heart of Nonavut you can be black or Inuit or (white in nothing but snow) above hungry Paallirmiut bones. (2008)

Dream Catchers

The dream catchers hanging above your bed; the dust of umbilical cords shrouded in deerskin pouches at the bottom of your sock drawer; and placentas planted under aspens in the garden are not enough to save your suyàpi* life. One cul-de-sac morning, surrounded by homes of urologists and investment bankers, the black dog with the grizzly head will pounce. *A Salish word for “white person” (2008)

Luís Cuadrado, Cinematographer

Do they know I am going blind, that I will not live without sky, amber sun, or a crucifix flickering above a beeswax candle? The lens of this camera, my Frankenstein eye, holds you, young Ana, los ojos oscuros, pulls focus, opens aperture, narrows the depth of vision and frames these child eyes forever. Do you, young Isabel, taste the salt of blood? Taste is nothing to sight. My eyes,